CGS Home Inspections, proudly serving the Rogue Valley.

Welcome to CGS Home Inspections.  We are a trustworthy and reliable company that provides detailed and accurate inspection reports along with excellent customer service. Our reports are designed to be easily understood, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your inspection and report.

As a trusted Home Inspection company, CGS Home Inspections serves Medford, Oregon and surrounding areas.  Including Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, White City, Eagle Point, Shady Cove and Grants Pass.

We will always do our best to deliver an outstanding product along with excellent customer service. Whether you are buying or selling, call us at 541-840-2584 for the best home inspection experience!

How CGS Home Inspections Started

I have been in the construction industry since 1991.  Working with the church handyman, I helped with roof repairs, framed walls for classrooms, sheet rocked, painted, and so on.  Then I went on to work as an ironworker in Southern California building bridges and washes.  Before the days of 1/2 hour home renovations (like on all the tv shows about flipping houses), I worked on distressed properties, renovating them for resale.

I moved to Southern Oregon in 2002 with my family, and started my contracting business.

Real Estate agents would call me to take care of repairs for deficiencies noted on inspection reports.

For many years I offered door & window as well as cabinet installation services for the two nationwide home improvement stores.  Working with customers in this space I developed a keen eye for detail, always looking out for the customer.  Being an experienced craftsman, a great sense of accomplishment  and pride came from always looking out for my client.

Swift communication with customers is such an important practice, and I strive to connect with customers as quickly as possible to answer questions, or schedule your inspection.

We love living in Southern Oregon and frequently spend time fishing the local lakes and river.  Getting out with my son on the lake after a busy week at work is so refreshing.

My Goal is to provide you with the best inspection report possible.

My years of experience in the service industry has taught me that communication is essential to success.  When you reach out to me with a question or request for an inspection, I will glady talk with you about the process and how it works.  I am honored that you are considering me for such an important step in the home ownership process.  I do not take it lightly and will do my best to respond to you swiftly.

I use the best reporting software available, and take great pride in delivering a report that will communicate what I discover while inspecting the property.

Technology is fascinating to me, and I love to take advantage of advancements and innovations in the industry.  Tools that utilize this technology are part of my inspection arsenal, and I happily use them to provide the best quality service I can.

Some of those tools include:

Drone for photography of property and the roof of the home (coming soon)

Big Crawler for understructure inspections (coming soon)

Infrared photography (coming soon)


Our Inspection Services

We are happy to assist you in providing residential home inspections here in the Rogue Valley.

Serving Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Central Point, White City, Eagle Point, Shady Cove and Grants Pass

Home Buyers

Whether you are a first time home buyer or you have many properties, we can help by providing inspection services for the residential property you are planning to acquire.

Home Owners

Regular inspection of the systems and components of your home can help you plan for needed repairs,  Many times, if there is an issue, it may not be discovered until you try to sell your home.  We offer inspection services to home owners to help you discover issues that need repair, service or replacement.  This can be beneficial if you are planning to sell your home, and want to have the home ready for the new buyers.  It can also be helpful if you love living in your home and plan to live there a while.



Real Estate Agents that have the best interest of their clients at heart will want them to have the advantage of a good inspection and a clear, thorough report.  We are thankful for the many dedicated professionals that serve their clients with honor and integrity, and would love the opportunity to provide exceptional service to your clients.