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Our Inspection Services

We are honored that you are considering us to help with your home inspection.

New Home Buyer

It’s an exciting time for you, you likely have many questions.  We are happy to help.

Presale Inspection

You would like a clear picture of what needs to be done to elevate and maintain your homes value.

Yearly Home Inspections

Regular inspection of the systems and components of your home can help you plan for needed repairs,  Many times, if there is an issue, it may not be discovered until you try to sell your home.  We offer inspection services to home owners to help you discover issues that need repair, service or replacement.

What you can expect from CGS Home Inspections

CGS Home Inspections LLC is licensed in Oregon (CCB218609 and OCHI 2062) and we comply with the Internachi residential Standards of Practice and will inspect the following areas of your home when safely accessible and visible:

Foundation, Fireplaces, Doors, Framing, Attics, Windows, Roofing, Insulation, Garage, Heating System, Ventilation, Cooling System

What do I do now?

  1. Contact me, using the form below you can email me to request an inspection.  Feel free to call as well, 541-840-2584 (texting is ok too).  To make it even easier, I have included a link that you can have me call you.
  2. I need a few details like property address, square footage and the timeline (if any) for completion of inspection and the fee for the inspection.
  3. We will schedule your inspection date.
  4. I will email you my pre inspection agreement.  Please read and sign.  It will automatically inform me that the agreement is signed, and we will be good to go.  I cannot perform the inspection without this step being completed.
  5. On the day of the inspection, at the agreed upon time, we (you or your agent or other representative) will meet me at the property and I will perform the home inspection.  You are welcome to accompany me if you would like, but please do not attempt to climb up on the roof, attic or crawlspace during those parts of the inspection.
  6. I will email the report to you via a link. Review the report and feel free to contact me with questions.
  7. I will provide a copy of Internachi’s “Now that you’ve had a home inspection” Home maintenance manual.  It included tips for keeping your home safe and in top condition.

Schedule an Inspection

Please provide us with your contact information. We will contact you shortly to schedule your home inspection.  Thank you for choosing CGS Home Inspections LLC.


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CCB 218609 OCHI 2062



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